About me

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My Projects

Here you can check out everything I work on!
(Everything not protected by an NDA)

Hack The Hotel

Project For Siemens CT and TUM for turning a Hotel into a Smart Hotel with a mobile App.


My very own Functional Programming Language! I feel so smart now. ;)

TUM Campus App iOS

Development of the TUM Campus App for iOS devices - for and from students at Technical University of Munich.


A simple Slack Bot that tells people they Suck when they let you down. Mostly Adnan


The instant REST API. Aeolus allows you to create a fast, simple and extendible REST API in seconds.

Break Out

In 36 hours. In teams of two. Without money. As far as possible. For a good cause.


YOLO Mode for GIT

Interaktive Relationale Algebra

Simple web tool for practicing Relational Algebra for a Databases Class at TUM. Provides most operators and helps students study.


Get precise step-by-step instructions from our cooking coach communicating with you over voice and gestures.

Movies iOS Client

Our Movies App is a simple System built on the idea that going to the movies should be simpler and more social. This App showcases social integration, a recomender system, and much more all around buying tickets.

Random Stuff

Where I throw random stuff I write to check things... Pretty much just a bunch of calculation methods...

Spotify to  Music Converter

Import your Spotify Playlists to Apple Music!


Always remember people's names - Winning Project in HackaTUM 2017.


Swift but a bit Sweeter - More Syntactic Sugar for Swift


Make your words be the BEST WORDS - With this Instant Text Trumpifier


Schedule your washing time via our bot to never wait before an occupied machine and easy pay via face recognition. - Winning Project in HackaTUM.