Spotify to  Music Converter

Import your Spotify Playlists to Apple Music!

Cool! How do I use this though?

  1. Get a Mac, this won't run on Windows
  2. Download Xcode and open it once to install all it's shit stuff
  3. Download this repo as a .zip or clone it in git and open up the Xcode project, connect your phone, select your developer account for signing and hit Run.
  4. This will install the app onto your phone, press the humongous "GO" button, log in and select the playlist you want to sync
  5. ???
  6. Profit

But why?

Some people like me wanted to switch from Spotify to Apple Music, but didn't want to lose all their playlists, so here ya go


Go to my friend Felix, who had the idea for this and to mathiasquintero who did a huge pull request adding Spotify integration and more convenience. The icon was made by Skirmantas Raila.

Copyright 2016-2022 Mathias Quintero
Built in Swift using
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