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Development of the TUM Campus App for iOS devices - for and from students at Technical University of Munich. This app features: Calendar Access, Lecture Details, Personal Contact Information, Room Maps, Tuition Fees Information, Universal (Person, Room, Lecture) Search, Cafeteria Information. It's main purpose is to offer the most basic information from TUMOnline and RoomFinder at your fingertips

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TumCampusApp - an unoffical guide through university life

The TUM Campus App (TCA) is an open source project, developed by volunteers and available on the App Store.

The TCA mostly targets phones, but can also be used on tablets or any other device that runs iOS. This is the repo for the iOS Version of the TUM Campus App.

Work In Progress

This app is currenlty being developed and is not yet released to the public via the App Store. We are working on setting up the correct pipelines and hope to publish it in the SS 2017.

Features already implemented:

  • Calendar Access
  • Lecture Details
  • Personal Contact Information
  • Room Maps
  • Tuition Fees Information
  • Universal (Person, Room, Lecture) Search
  • Cafeteria Information


You’re welcome to contribute to this app! Check out our detailed information at CONTIRBUTING.md!

Publishing a new version

  • You can use fastlane snapshot to automatically generate localized screenshots. If you want to add a view, just record a UI Test and add it to the AutomatedScreenshots.swift test
  • App Store metadata is managed in the directory fastlane/metadata/. Go edit those and they’ll be updated on the store with the next release
  • Members of the Apple Developer Team of this app can run fastlane deliver to update the metadata on iTunes Connect (run fastlane deliver init first)


This is not an official app of the Technische Universität München. There’s no support or warranty (you can however send us an email tca-support.os.in@tum.de or open an issue here on Github). The app is developed by students and for students, so use it at your own risk. We try to keep your data safe with only using TUMonline tokens and not saving your password. For further information you should have a look at our privacy policy and the terms and conditions of the lecture chat.


Privacy policy
T&Cs of the lecture chat


You can reach us on Facebook, Github or via E-Mail tca-support.os.in@tum.de


Licensed under GNU GPL v3

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